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"I had the pleasure of working with Mark Bishop after my husband was killed in a sudden accident.  I had no idea where to start or who to trust and after my first meeting with Mr. Bishop, I knew I was in good hands.  He made me feel comfrotable and I felt I made the right choice....  He explained steps and options in a way I could understand them.... Mr. Bishop was professional, on top of my case, and he did his homework....  I was very satisfied with my outcome and would highly recommend him if you are looking for someone great to handle your case."

                                                                                             -  Brenda
"[My wife] was hit by a drunk driver [and] suffered fractures to her neck and spine in 7 places....  We asked our friends from church for a reference to an attorney who was experienced, responsible, and not a caricature of the "ambulance chaser". . . . [Our friends] said that Mark was good, assertive, successful, fair, and highly regarded among his peers.... His manner was cool and unflappable throughout.  He carried his considerable legal knowledge and expertise with humility and also with confidence.... In all our communications and meetings, Mark's organization and attention to detail were most heartening. Mark pursued [our case] while always being throough and calm during an anxious time for us.  Mark pursued all of the avenues for a good and just settlement that was available to us and now, at the end of th eprocess, we cn say without reservation, that we were well-served."

                                                                                            - John S.
"I hired [the Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC] after consultation with 2 other firms and I am very happy I did. . . . Mark and Andrew took the time to explain many details and answered all my questions.  During the process, I mostly consulted with Andrew who was in frequent contact with me to explain legal maneuvers and advise on strategy regarding settlement/trial.  The process took over a year but resulted in a successful settlement above expectations.  The communication throughout was excellent and I highly recommend Andrew, Mark and the staff."

                                                                                             - Michael
"He always kept us informed and was readily available for personal meetings or phone conferences.  He promptly replied to our phone messages.  In every step, he explained very clearly about our case and I am very glad that our case was handled to our immense satisfaction." 
                                                                                             - K.G. 
"The lawyer who restored my faith in lawyers." 
                                                                                             - Rose K.
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