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$3,250,000 Settlement

The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC settled a wrongful death car accident case on behalf of an 84 year-old father for a firm record $3,250,000.00 three weeks before the jury trial was set to begin.  Our firm was able to overcome legal defenses asserted by the diabetic driver who claimed an unforseen episode of hypoglycemia caused the accident and his employer's claim that he was not acting within the scope of his employment when he caused the accident.  The judge ruled in our favor on our motions for summary judgment defeating these defenses so the Defendants were not going to be able to assert those defenses at trial.  The case settled within weeks of the Judge's ruling.   If you are an attorney looking to refer a significant case to experienced counsel, give us a call.   If you are a client looking for trusted counsel in a serious injury matter or an accident that caused someone's death, contact us to find out what we can offer as your personal injury attorney. 

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When a national medical services provider caught one of its employees embezzeling more than $100,000 from the company, they retained the Law Offices of Mark S. BIshop, LLC to pursue collection of the missing funds when the employee refused to make restitution.  Our firm was able to quickly cut through efforts to obfuscate and delay the collection matter and we were able to obtain a full judgment against the employees along with an award of our client'ss attorenys fees in state court.  If you are a large national company but sometimes require the expertise of experienced commercial litigation attorneys in a local or regionaol matter, contact our office to find out how we can provide you with larger law firm results with local law firm rates and responsiveness. 

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When our Client's tenants breached their lease after a water pipe froze without giving our Client a reasonable time to repair the pipe, we were retained to pursue the rent that the tenants refused to pay.  An arbitration panel initially ruled against our Client but despite this setback, our Client stood by our recommendations on the merits of his claim.  We rejected the arbitrators' award and pursued the claim to a bench trial in state court where we prevailed.  We obtined a judgment for our Client for the full amount of the unpaid rent and obtained an award of attorney's fees and costs.  We provide all of our Clients with a considered legal analysis of their issues and that evaluation often proves instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome for our Clients - even if we have to go the distance to achieve that success.  If you are a commercial management company, a residential landlord, or a small-business owner looking for tailored legal advice you can depend on, contact the Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC so we can discuss the best legal strategy to meet your needs and how we can help you meet your specific goals.  

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Our firm, representing a large not-for-profit organization, successfully obtained summary judgment on all counts in favor of the client terminating four years of litigation initiated by one of the organization's own members who alleged breach of fiduciary duty by the organization's officers over the manner in which board elections were conducted.  The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC has experience representing companies and their officers, directors, members, managers, and partners in a wide-array of fiduciary claims and business litigation.  Contact our firm for a consultation if you our your company need representation in high-stakes litigation over ownership and control of your firm.  


Mark Bishop is elected to serve a second full term as Director for the DuPage County Bar Association. 



The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC secured a $110,000.00 settlement for a woman injured after receiving an improperly adminstered flu shot at a large pharmacy chain that resulted in inflammation and bursitis requiring arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  The firm filed a claim for compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Program through the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  The firm's attorney's fee award was separate from the injury settlement so all funds went for the benefit of our client.  

Most injuries resulting from common vaccines or other injections require filing a special claim with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and only attorneys admitted to practice in that court may do so.  If you or someone you know are looking for counsel to represent you in connection with a serious injury you sustained after receiving a vaccine or other injection, contact our offices. 



The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC together with co-counsel Gibbs & Associates and Kaplan & Lukowski secured a wrongful death and survival act settlement in an amount exceeding $3,650,000.00 for the family of a young woman who needlessly died as a result of medical negligence.  Our firm represents patients and their families in medical negligence cases and nursing home abuse and neglect cases.  If one of your family members has suffered a catastrophic injury or even died as a result of medical errors or neglect, contact our office for a consultation.  We can evaluate your claim and determine if you have a possible claim.

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In order to better serve its Clients by offering expanded office hours, meeting space, and amenities, The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC has relocated to the Naperville Financial Center (the old Northern Trust Building) at 400 East Diehl Raod, Suite 300, in Naperville, Illinois.  Conveniently located on the southeast corner of Washington and Diehl - just south of I-88, the new office provides convenient access for Clients and puts the firm in easy reach of the courthouses througout Chicagoland.  

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The Law Offices of Mark S. Bishop, LLC welcomes attorney Jennifer Sykora to the firm as a Senior Counsel.  Jennifer will be working on business litigation matters as well as disputed trust and estate cases.  Her expierience working for a larger Chicago law firm and handling complex buisness disputes will be a significant plus four our firm and we are excited to have her.  '


Mr. Bishop recovered $295,000 in settlement for a young woman who suffered a serious concussion when she was hit by a car while crossing the street in downtown Wheaton.   Our record representing individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents is very strong.  If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, motorist, or passenger, contact us if you want to know more about what we can do for you.  


Mark Bishop secured an $800,000.00 settlement for a client severely injured in a motorcycle accident in DuPage County.  

Mr. Bishop has amassed millions of dollars on behalf of people injured or killed in accidents and on behalf of their families.  If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured or killed by someone's negligence, let us put our experience to work for you in order to ensure you receive full compensation for your pain and loss.     


When a trustee tried to strong arm our client by selling the client's residence without her consent, arguing the house was trust property and the trustee could do what he wanted, our firm filed an emergency petition for temporary restraining order and put a halt to the trustee's sale.  With the transaction suspended, the parties were able to reach an amicable agreement regarding the disposition of the property.    


Mark Bishop represented a purchaser in Consumer Fraud Act claim against a used-car dealership for failing to disclose known structural damage to vehicle.  Diligent effots in discovery revealed documentation that proved the dealership knew of the damage to the vehicle prior to the sale to our client.  A favorable settlement exceeding the client's full purchase price of the vehicle was reached shortly after the damaging information was uncovered.  

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